Apr 9, 2012

Shyla Shy: Knocked Up (Divine!) And With The Cutest New Hair Style

I know. Most of you are not checking here because of Shyla Shy's new hairdo. But: if she were a bit shyer and lived in my neighborhood, i'd absolutely invite her to my record collection ;) Actually only the neighborhood part is really decisive here.  Also note that this is the first reference to her name that really makes sense :D However, i'm honestly excited about her look - still talking about the new hair style. Shyla was never a girl who over-staged her performances. Just with her straight look she radiated an irresistible wave of pure sexiness. With her shorter and darker hair she looks alarmingly cute, with a more serious touch, adding an overload of sexiest femininity to her look. Absolutely stellar!
Shyla is pregnant now, in the 7th month, and Score of course couldn't resist to shoot new content with her. From Mamazon to Preggazon - referring to the Mamazon feature release Shyla has appeared in - is fresh off the presses with 70 images on the Scoreland site and an over 24 min long video on Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Non-pregnant Shyla Shy had always a very distinctive pot belly (very sexy, if you ask me), so expect it with some serious extra roundedness now, although not looking plain huge. Her boobs developed at the same time in the most stellar way. They are seriously huge now. I can't look at them without getting insanely thrilled. Shyla Shy never has been reluctant in any way, so she returns, as deadly sweet and relaxed as she is, almost bursting with her crazy hot expanded curviness, for another hardcore scene. I'm not saying that every pregnant model is necessarily an extra turn-on. But you really shouldn't miss Shyla Shy. For a change i start with screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips.

These last 4 samples are from the preview gallery 


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  1. Good luck for the delivery Shyla Shy !

    You are a beautiful model !!


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