Mar 29, 2012

Maria Moore - A Secret Fan Gets A Taste Of All Her Blazing Cylinders

I haven't posted anything about Maria Moore in a while, but, if you check the preview page, of course she has been steadily updating her site. Now she has a huge release out - actually it's rather a movie shot at various locations, thus the video comes in multiple parts. Maria has sent me a bunch of high res photos which i can't hesitate to show you. Maria Meets Her Stalker (this is the title) starts with Maria and her daily routine, a power walk in the park. Although she is fully clothed, these shots just come like Boooom!!! Maria Moore at her most typical look, and pure vibrating hotness. It's the combo of both what makes her so priceless.

Maria notices a man, secretly filming her with his camera. As she confronts him, he says that he spoke about this super sexy and busty lady in the park to a friend, who wanted a proof. Hence the camera. To his surprise Maria invites him to a continuation of the show. At home she lets her world famous 36K boobs sparkle with her bra, and unleashes them to their full glory. The lucky "stalker" aka secret fan doesn't let the opportunity pass for closer examinations…

Then Maria moves the arousal to the next level, by taking a steaming shower. And eventually, before he might lose his mind, takes more care of this special fan… (and this ain't the end yet…)


This is Maria Moore firing from really all her cylinders. And she got plenty of them, in the most distinguished and most blazing quality. If you ever wondered why she is such a huge legend (not that somebody would seriously do that), Maria Meets Her Stalker - the latest multi-part theme release on her site - shows you why. 


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