Nov 23, 2011

Kristina Milan - More shots from her recent work with XX-Cel

It came as big news that Cel, the owner of XX-Cel, did travel to the Dominican Republic to shoot Kristina Milan (and apparently other hotties from the Island as well). I have posted screen caps from the first video release and 2 pre-release samples from the first image set. Now i've been sent a complete preview gallery to this set. Unlike some people suspected, Kristina didn't slim down to her pre-pregnancy shape. Her 40J boobs look just incredible, while she remains deliciously soft all over. As well it's sweet to see that Cel presents her more in her girl-next door charm, something that seems to fit best for her. I reckon Kristina Milan's new work with XX-Cel as one of the most exciting surprises of this year, so here's a few samples from the gallery:


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