Jul 4, 2012

Ewa Sonnet - Hijacking Us To Her Tropical Island

Busty.pl have been busy in the meantime with 2 more Ewa Sonnet updates. So we're back to her tropical beach again, and this place looks so intensively populated by Ewa that calling it "her beach" just sounds appropriate. Pink Dress is a new photo set that came out a couple of days ago. Ewa Sonnet is wearing her shiny dress, gets a little wet in the sea and as soon she comes closer to the camera, her spell is working on us. Can we escape? Hardly, i suppose… Even less, after she has launched the extra stage of her special effects: the upfront epicness of her 32F boobs.

Woalkapink is  a video that came a couple of days before. Apparently shot at the same location, but Ewa is wearing something like a white and pink beach dress. Actually it's rather a light breeze than a dress. Very convenient, as it gives Ewa plenty of (playing) options, to show us her treasures in the sweetest variation. She is such a queen in terms of coming closer and closer, left and right of the camera, and finally through the camera, to pull us to her beach. She is absolutely amazing. The video clip comes in True HD and is available (as download) when you're member of Busty.pl. More of my screen captures (the pic on top is a still from the video too).


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