Jul 12, 2012

Michelle Monaghan: It Was Hot In The Kitchen. Outside Even More

Michelle Monaghan is modeling for many years now, for over 10 years actually. She has done so many sets and videos - your disc probably wouldn't be big enough to hold her entire work. She has seen many other models come, eventually moving on to content ignoring their best features, and disappear again. Michelle is still around, and still looking so gorgeous and shiny as if she just had started.

In Mammary Magnificence, her 23rd photo set and video update for DDFBusty, she appears in front of a cuisine. Apparently it's been too hot inside. So first she gets these clothes off - she just hangs them on this line. Wow! 32H boobs, in the sunlight! Then she uses the water bottle for a little refreshing shower. But gets even more heated in the continuation. Seeing Michelle makes me happy. She is such a keeper - in every sense of the word. She moves with the grace of a queen, radiating such doses of sexiness - a Geiger counter designed to measure that would be in trouble. Samples from the preview gallery:  

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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