Jul 11, 2012

Kristina Milan Returns To Her Old Site. No Joke

Many people will rub their eyes and read this twice, to make sure they got this right. Yes, it is true. After about 3 years, Kristina Milan has returned to the old site which is part of the TitsAndAssPass network and run by the people behind IncrediblePass. All these almost endless discussions come to mind, f. ex. on my other blog. Or that a very unhappy Kristina had left the site. How poor (in many ways) that content has been considered. Or the complaints from many users about double charges.

Naturally expectations aren't very high after all these stories. Of course we could think just positively for the (re-) start. Like: any content with Kristina Milan has at least one good thing: Yes, Kristina is in there. And maybe they're doing a better job this time.

So what do we got so far? There's an introduction video, shot on a balcony. Kristina in a casual outfit. Oh boy, she looks nice, as you can see from my screenshot. Somebody's from the off is praising her like at an auction, while she remains mono-syllabic (Kristina speaks hardly any English). And somehow she starts making that unnatural, embarrassing impression that was reminiscent of her work for these guys but we had forgotten after her great releases more recently.

Upcoming content is announced as "some nice outdoors, seaside scenes and even some proper threesome and hardcore scenes". Okay, no surprise here. 

They have issued 3 promo galleries for "Kristina's site". When you click the thumbnails, you don't get the matching images but redirected to the t&aPass index page. These are practices not raising any positive expectations. The thumbs show a rather rough looking Kristina - bluntly generic outfit and makeup bulldozed over her.

A preview gallery to the SmokeItBitch site - which is part of another network - works as expected though. These images have rather bad blur/sharpness issues (how did they achieve that?). Here's one of the better ones.

I said "Kristina's site" above because, apart from being the featured model, she has no relation to the site. She got hired and paid for the time to shoot the content, and that's it for her. They surely have had her for a week or so, and will spread out the produced content for the coming year or longer, depending on how much content there is. Why did Kristina Milan agree to do this rather surprising move? She needed the money? VERY likely! Other modeling plans fell through apparently (although i had been given hints info about such plans and first talks), so maybe she saw this now as her last chance to make some money. Although it can't be a lot. And once the market is saturated with this new batch of content, we have yet to see if there are more chances...  


  1. You truly have your finger on the pulse of the big boob world.

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  3. A bad move on her part, as usual she is very bad advised. It is like to work for Versace and then return to the bad copy of it, and they can bet the model too...
    And that bad side also was involved in some online scam in the past...
    Ok money, but carreer is importat too

    There is a link to another webcam of her for the website of “her” which never, ***never*** was hers...

    With those bad people she is returned to work with the danger of some bad bad saturation is real, you are right

  4. With all the "chimp crew" kind of things on the web, I think that a double trend will surely spread in sex industry, the first is that models will start to make photos on their own in a way or another, and the second trend will be the attempts to produce restrictive laws against pornography.

    In a way or another, a restrictive tendency in a way or another or in both ways.
    And to all these tendencies the "chimp crew" and people like that would have given a great contribution, truly great to ruin the market.


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