Jul 31, 2012

Amanda Torres - Her Huge Boobs Can Hypnotize Us For Hours

BigTitsGlamour obviously have returned to a faster pace of updates. There are several interesting new releases on their site, just this weekend they've updated with Micky. As well i've heard - behind the scenes - of very exciting shoots about to happen. Already on the site with a few image sets and an intro video clip is Amanda Torres. She looks overwhelming, doesn't she?

Obviously a Latina (although i have no info where she is from) Amanda loves the dolled up look. I have to say, although i'm often praising a less right in your face makeup style, that this look fits sweetly for her. And with these gorgeous huge boobs dangling from her softly curved, plump body, she comes as the ultimate bombshell to keep us hypnotized for hours. These boobs are downright tremendous, while her other qualities look very inspiring too.

Astonishing but true: Amanda Torres so far has only modeled for BigTitsGlamour. For something like 2 years now however she has been active with her webcam, using names like Luv2Squirt or WetSquirtShow. Strange names that these camgirls are choosing occasionally, no? Anyway, Amanda Torres, the model, so far happens only on BigTitsGlamour. She debuted at the beginning of 2012, and now they've added a couple more updates. These samples are from her black latex preview gallery.


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