Jul 20, 2012

Shione Cooper At BestLegShow: Fierce Domme Look, Sexy Girl

This is Shione Cooper in SM Mistress, after her car trouble returning again to BestLegShow. The whip cracks hard. And Shione's attire looks fierce: This high heel boots surely can cause damage, this black vinyl dress was made for tough girls, and she looks unforgiving. Yet, for short moments we see glimpses of her sweeter nature. 

BestLegShow features exclusive content shot by professional photographer Jana Krenova, with a major focus on female legs, dressed in style, and undressed. But not only on the legs, as we are also getting good views of the whole models. Only a brief look makes it obvious that Jana and her team are making serious efforts to bring us something very special and accomplished. So Shione doesn't torture a victim here, this is a solo scene, and she shows us her sexiest badass site. And, as we know her, she doesn't do that in lukewarm way. Never a dull moment with Shione! With ignoring hardcore releases here. You find the full video at BestLegShow. These screen shots are from the lower resolution trailer.


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