Jul 15, 2012

Reyna Mae - The Overwhelming Redhead Is Back!

If somebody asked to tell - without long thinking - which models you know who have red hair, big tits and are a BBW, i'm sure Reyna Mae would be the most mentioned girl. That's amazing after there are quite a bunch of models with such features, but somehow Reyna gets remembered as THE redhead. Maybe that's because of the contrast to her light complexion, together with her natural, shining confident look, what makes her so unmistakable. And people would store this impression together with her hair color. Could be, no?

Reyna Mae had been very busy as a cam girl, her personal site is still up, but been silent in terms of appearances for other sites for a year now. If i remember her tweets correctly, she just had a different focus during that time. But now she is back at PlumperPass with Peeping Plumper, her 9th image set and video update. Reyna catches this friend pleasing himself. She greets that with her most winning smile, and it doesn't take long till we see her voluptuous body and her 36JJ boobs in bouncing display.

Just 2 screen shots from the preview trailer. Action stills would have looked too blurry.


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