Jul 16, 2012

Estelle Taylor - Most Exciting Discovery In Quite A While

The story that Score tells is rather unusual. They had a team in Romania doing scheduled shoots. During those the makeup artist suggested a girl she knew from her school days - a girl who had been a ballerina and who received lots of extra attention for her big boobs. The girl got contacted , test photos were taken, emailed to the decision makers in Miami. And Estelle Taylor of course was hired.

Now we don't believe every story these companies are telling us. But this story has an "extra mile", while made up stories tend to be more generic. Estelle Taylor herself is unusual as well. She has a face captivating us instantly - with her exceptional beauty and a look so alluring, making us just drop everything else and give her undivided attention. Yes, she looks unaffected and genuine. Then she has this tight slim and stacked body with those mouthwatering 32DD boobs. She is clearly one of the most exciting new model discoveries in quite a while. Meet Estelle makes her debut, with Estelle in super tight pants - oh boy, her butt is quite something else too! The comments wanting to see her in hardcore releases are already coming, even by Score themselves on their blog. If that's her plan anyway, then it will happen. But putting pressure on her just for the sake of it might just poorly influence a girl with a lot on her plate. Anyhow, Meet Estelle is out with a 50 images set at Scoreland and a 12:32 mins video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Samples from the preview gallery.

These are screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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