Jul 14, 2012

Shione Cooper - Score Mag October 2012 Cover Girl

I've never been much into mags. I only bought 2 or 3 in the days when print media was ruling. It was the internet and the emerge of paysites, with the option of getting series of 60 or more images of the same girl, that fueled my interest in erotica and porn. Together with the increased convenience of course. Companies like Score are still releasing magazines. But nowadays you have the option to get a printed or a digital version.

I just discovered that Shione Cooper is the cover girl of the yesterday (July 13th) released, latest Score Magazine. It's the October 2012 edition (yes, they're postdating them for some reason). I haven't seen this content before. It's very promising - Shione looks fantastic! I'm quite sure i've made some comment in the past about Shione's look on previous Score releases, like the super heavy use of makeup burying some of her peculiar features - her individuality, if you want so. But of course not her gorgeous body with these scrumptious 34F boobs! She has a lot of makeup on this cover shot too, but this time she looks much more personal and vibrant. Definitely a different, more 'outgoing' style. So maybe, after Score has been silent in terms of Shione Cooper for quite a while now, this is fresh new content? Could be. But i don't have inside information to confirm that.

Other models in the October 2012 edition are Maggie Green, Melissa Mandlikova (aka Pam), Paola Rios and Jasmine Shiraz, just to mention a few. It is about time to consider investing into a mag again.   

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