Jul 15, 2012

Katerina Hartlova & Nadine Jansen - Intensive Massages

Katerina Hartlova has been amazingly busy in the last months. She even found the time to answer the questions from fellow blogger BoobsRealm for his interview. A very rare opportunity to learn a bit more, as you usually hit a wall when you want to discuss more than 5 questions with any of the models from the Czech Republic - i think a few of you know what i'm talking about ;)  It is very kool to see how straightforward and honest Katerina is answering these questions, even questions other models probably would avoid. While i totally can see her typical, sexy smile during some of these replies.

Earlier this month Katerina Hartlova returned for another appearance to Nadine Jansen's site, this time for a set together with Nadine herself. Is this her first get together with Nadine? Would think so, at least now i can't remember another one. This set is all about boob massages. Kata, as she keeps being called there, at first takes intensive care of Nadine's huge breasts. Nadine btw looks like having been a little too long in the sun - the effect adds nicely to her heated look. Nadine then handles Katerina's big boobs. So we're getting a true fest of boob squeezing and kneading, including some of the sweetest views of of both girls. Nadine btw looks amazingly big, in comparison to Katerina's shape.. You find the whole 70 images set at Nadine's site.



  1. Amazing pics!
    Thanks for the interview reference

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  3. I think this maybe my favourite set of Nadine ever! I have personal reasons for this. Nadine’s body is perfect. She was losing weight by now and was looking fantastic. I’m not sure if others think this but I like to see Nadine solo. However in every photo Nadine just looks so sexy and I love the interaction with Katerina. I love the expression on her face in every picture. It’s classic Nadine, No over the top makeup. No sexy lingerie or jewellery apart from earrings. Just a vest top and her big white bra. There is something about Nadine in a bra! Jogging shorts but somehow still looks so very sexy. You just know from the start that Nadine will not get naked as you always hope but still love every picture.


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