Jul 10, 2012

Tessa (Cosmid) - Before And After The Mini Break

Cosmid had been releasing weekly updates with young busty cutie Tessa Fowler (Rich), for 16 consecutive weeks, most of them videos. Till June 19th. Then, all of a sudden, nothing. When i'm honest, i felt these clips got a bit (but not dramatically) too much of the same thing. Without implying that Tessa should vary her look (different hairdos etc) more. I like it actually that on Cosmid the models keep more or less their established look. Just a little more different *moods* is something i would think of. Then there was some talk that Tessa would be leaving the site…

That didn't happen, and the break lasted only 2 weeks. She is back now with Flower Dress, a photo set and, yes, shot outdoors. The golden touch by the sunlight looks nice on her big boobs and her curvy shape, doesn't it? We can all agree that this sort of change is a good one, isn't it?

Additionally i'm giving you a taste with screen shots of the clips from the weeks before, starting with the most recent ones. The titles were: Boobster Shirts - Tessa and her sister Kelly Rich making and wearing their own shirts dedicated to fellow blogger Boobster. Hey, when will the first model show off her homemade RadiantBomba top? :D Bunk Bed Dance - Tessa dancing for us. Dance Party - Tessa and Kelly having a good time. Moving & Changing - Tessa about to move into a new apartment and packing her last clothes into a box :D Kitchen Fun Time - who wouldn't love to have 2 such roommates like Tessa & Kelly.


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