Jul 7, 2012

Jade 38H/Jade Parker Has Retired Effective Immediately !!!! Plus A Few Thoughts [Upd. 12-07-15]

It got these news only a few minutes ago. After a dramatic turn of events Jade 38H/Jade Parker has decided, from one second to another, to withdraw from the modeling scene immediately. First this is very sad news because Jade has been for years and still is one of the most popular models. Not only on my blog of course. It shows us also the darker sides that can come with being a (former/hardcore) model. In practical terms, Jade will close down all her public activities, and her website will only display a neutral home page, with a link to her members area. Her site will no longer accept new members, but Jade will update till the last membership has expired.

I was able to speak with Jade 38H personally. Like she said in her note on her site, an anonymous person sent a letter to her family. It revealed not just her website, but additionally made up other activities she allegedly was or still is involved with. You can imagine the devastating effect: You do not only have to defend your website. Much worse, you also have to defend yourself against things that you HAVE NOT done. This is just too much. I can clearly see how bad that situation is after i know Jade for years and can tell what's fact and what is fiction.

It's a horrible also when you consider that this anonymous person investigated private details. That takes serious energy. And obviously this person had only one intention here: To hurt Jade as badly as he or she could. 

After such a thing, repairing the relations with your family is the first and only priority.

I want to add a few personal thoughts. Having a creeper who suddenly tries to hurt you in the most malicious way is something that can happen to anybody. You don't even have to be a model. At the same time it is extremely unsettling to see how many peeps are out there full of fierce contempt towards models, especially those doing hardcore. I'm not speaking of religious people. I'm speaking of people who actively watch porn constantly and participate in related discussions. They usually start phrases like "These bitches…", come with generalizations like all porn stars are … (whatever) and have to be considered as the lowest members of our society.

That's crap of course. I guess in those people's minds sits some sort of demonization - of all sorts of public exposure of sex. They feel attracted by porn, but at the same they speak about the models in the most derogatory terms. Most of such people may stay in this bizarre inner rift. But it doesn't surprise me that this demon makes some cross a border, by trying to hurt a model personally, even with invented crap, and they go the extra mile for that. This didn't happen the first time.

What do i want to say here? I'm just sick of inevitable comments like "OMG. How can somebody be so malicious". Some people just are. As a (former) model you cannot do anything to prevent that from happening. If somebody picks you as a target, it happens. This can even happen many years after you have retired. Remember that the content with you will stay forever. I am also sick of people getting away with such derogatory talk. Finally it is true that the porn industry usually supports an image of attractive women being desperate for sex, and getting what they "deserve". Like somebody said: "Porn is not about being PC". While i've always been an opponent of the PC fraction (for other reasons though), this sums it up. Don't get me wrong: i don't blame the adult industry, or the way how a lot of models are staging themselves, directly for a few guys no longer being able to control the demons in their head. But there is an encouraging climate…

As well i am not saying that, when you are a model, then you have to deal with the consequences, including such crap. This doesn't happen to every model. It just can. So you better have a plan B when it does. Also you better think twice what you do, and to get financially well compensated, with including such a possible backlash years later in your considerations. It's a bitter irony for Jade however that most of her hardcore work happened years ago, and very little for mainstream sites. It's also a bitter irony that this happened to Jade who never presented herself in a staged way and has been one of the most shining role models. This shows also that being a model puts you into a very crucial relationship with society and its existing values, with the constant threat of unexpected and very unpleasant effects. Models are almost everything for the business, but at the same time they are its least protected and (in many ways) most challenged part. This is a weird situation.

Update 12-07-15: Jade 38H told me that she will keep her email open for those who wish to contact her with questions, concerns etc. Just write to jade38h at gmail.com


  1. Great post. I'm sad to see Jade go, too I wish her the very best.

    I find the supreme disrespect and disregard for humanity that seems societally acceptable towards models is of the level that should be reserved for people selling crack to kids or the like. The creepers/stalkers/finger-pointers should look to themselves first, before finding fault with those around them.

  2. The exact same thing happened to me just over a month ago. Someone sent an anonymous letter to my father's work saying I was a porn star and listing the names of all sites I had modeled for. A second letter addressed to my underage brother was sent to my families house.
    I wish we could know who did this and if they are the same person...
    -Maggie Dubonet

  3. @elligirl
    Thank you! Also for emphasizing that social part, in particular after i had been hesitating a bit initially whether i should include it or not. I think this aspect needs some more public awareness.

    Everything is imaginable. But i doubt that this was the same person. This is indeed a pattern happening occasionally. Not long ago i saw somebody posting comments on various blogs etc about a European model, after (!) she was retired. He posted her real name and other details that absolutely shouldn't be out there, spiced up with friendly words about her. Different strategy but the same intention: he wanted to hurt her.

  4. This is awful! Why would a person do this? I sure hope my family never finds out this way.

  5. omg i can't believe so0me ppl can be so horrible , all these models work hard for our entertainment and they cop that ??? certainly not fair , is it ,,, i love all the girls and guys in this industry and respect them , i feel so sad for Jade , I wish her every happiness in her future xx ,, mike jay

  6. What a goddam idiot that would do that so such a hot lady? I guess he was a queer with a little dick that couldn't get it up

  7. what an incredible amount of crap.
    She was a slut and if she has hidden this to her family then it's het fault.


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