Apr 6, 2012

Kristina Milan: Walking, Majestically Huge And Jiggly (New XX-Cel Video)

Have you ever wished you would see Kristina Milan walking SLOWLY? In a tight jeans skirt and too small bikini top, or fully nude, with her huge 40J boobs and juicy plumpness majestically jiggling? Cel, the man behind XX-Cel, has read our minds. And delivers both! Kristina indeed walks almost like in slow motion up to the camera, but thankfully it's her real speed. Performing the sexiest walk you can imagine. Somehow she looks much bigger than in the previous XX-Cel releases, a result of the different camera angle. She is a big plumper, while her boobs can't be just described as huge. They look unbelievable! While Kristina as a whole is pure earth-shaking, divine sexiness.

She stops at a lounger, gets skirt and bikini top off, plays with her enormous chests, till her next majestically jiggly walk hits this lovely Caribbean scenery. Kristina cools down in the pool, and more slow sexy walking follows. Cel certainly embraces his models by showing them in their natural splendor. So he provides more 'edges' for clicking with a girl. With Kristina Milan the effect is mind-blowing. Kristina showing her natural vibe and flavor looks just too gorgeous. This new video shows probably the most hotness loaded Kristina Milan we've ever seen. It runs over 13 mins and you find it together with Kristina's (so far) 3 big photo sets and a host of busty and super busty models on XX-Cel.  


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  1. Awesomely beautiful. She really looks bigger than before -- maybe she is pregnant in these pics. Sure hope so! She must have a gallon of milk in each tit!


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