Jan 13, 2012

Shione Cooper - While The Car's Out Of Order, Never A Dull Moment

Here's a release with Shione Cooper that's out for 2 months now, but just too good to be missed. Shione notices some issues with her car and drives to a garage where she gets told that her car is in desperate need to be serviced. Shione, dressed like a business women with an a bit hilarious (but in a good way) hairdo leaves her vehicle to the mechanics, and strolls around in the garage. Her hair changes to the regular impression, and so does her general look - Shione in the classy super radiant style! More and more of her clothes go off, as she stages a killer stripping/teaser show in the garage. Absolutely amazing!! Eventually she returns to her car, now as the business woman with a more casual and flirty style.

Shione At The Body Shop is an release by BestLegShow, a site run by Czech-American Jana Krenova, with exclusive content all shot by Jana. She is a pro photographer in the business for 15 years now, with a long list of really impressive work. Her focus is on female legs, in a super classy dressed or undressed style, but without solely shooting legs. You can expect more legs closeups than in other releases. But you also get amazing shots of Shione's boobs, face or as the whole package, including full nudes (at least in the other release with Shione). The whole content looks impressive and very professional, yet with with an epic sensibility for detail. Shione looks overwhelmingly sexy due to the great work. And the subtle changes she impersonates through the scene are another source of ongoing fascination.

BestLegsShow turned into a paysite last year, with lots of content - videos and image sets. There's at least another scene with Shione Cooper as i've mentioned, and another one apparently is due for release soon. There's a good quality 3 mins trailer on the site. For the full length length, higher definition release you have to sign up. A couple of my screen shots from the trailer:



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