Jul 8, 2012

Karina Hart/Heart - Bouncy In And Out Of The Truck

So this is obviously fresh content. Karina Hart as Karina Heart at DDFBusty, back to her straight, brunette hair, and overall to her more natural look. What a good decision! And i know that almost everybody agrees here. After the episode as Kay Loove with her curly, much brighter hair and an, as many felt, overdolled look things had gone very quiet for Karina. It wouldn't have been surprising if she had disappeared for good. So she is back now in the style that made her so hugely popular. And how great she looks! Karina in 2012 is as gorgeous and hot, but also as radiant and fresh looking, as if she never had been away. Or even more exciting?

Popping Out Of Her Top comes as Karina Hart's 13th image set and video update for DDFBusty. It's pretty simple: She poses by this big truck, gets taken to a ride with the truck and poses a bit more outside. Pretty simple, isn't it? Yet effective. The truck drives through some bumpy roads, giving plenty of views seeing her 34H boobs bouncing and shaking. Then Karina is just such a bubbly and adorable babe, it seems you can just keep her by this truck, and all by herself she entertains us the most gorgeous way. Samples from the preview gallery:

More screen shots from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer


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