Sep 27, 2012

Shione Cooper: Peachy And Hot, With A Fresh Release At DDFBusty

So she is alive! After wondering (just a little) about her whereabouts, Shione Cooper is back with new activity. And showing by her return to DDFBusty that she's not only alive, but doing peachy. Her Most Incredible Closeups comes as Shione's 20th update (or rather the 27th for the DDFNetwork), with 100 brand new images and a 23 min video in True HD plus other download options. Yes, this content was shot at the end of August 2012 and released only a couple of days ago, it is definitely brand new stuff. Unlike the title may suggest, we're not getting mainly close-ups here. Far from that actually. Shione is a player, that's certainly one of her genuine qualities, together with THIS face, her tasty 34F boobs and her totally distinctive and quirky personality. Although i wouldn't take the personality part in a too strict way and rather see it as one of her many facets, as Shione can also be just plain pure, sexy and adorable. So today she is mainly the peachy and gorgeous player, getting busy with her big tits or pleasuring herself with her finger (no dildo involved this time), with the camera following smoothly. In comparison with her DDFBusty releases from earlier this year, like the office set or (what i called it) her architecture student attire, she has returned now to her more established bubbly hot kid appeal. And she looks scrumptious! Like i said before: Never a dull moment with Shione Cooper! More samples.

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips 


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