Sep 16, 2012

Roxi Red: Maybe The Most Incredible Boobs I've Ever Seen!!

… And i've seen a lot, as you can imagine. But you know what? After running accidentally into the first samples that other blogs posted, i noticed of course that Roxi Red has tremendous boobs. However, at least on the basis of those samples, leaving her boobs aside my initial impression was that she doesn't look very attractive. But actually like a rather trashy event. Okay, if you're a boobman, and just that, you might not care much about a girl's other qualities. Not my program, what excites me most usually is a girl being overwhelming as a whole package. On the other hand, whether you like or not a girl's look or face, that is of course a matter of personal taste. I've seen a few people say that they don't like Amanda Torres' face, some told that even about Valory Irene or Shione Cooper. Valory and Shione might be a very personal thing for some people. While i can see why Amanda's look doesn't excite everybody. Although i'd say that she has some nice and subtle expressions going... Then again everybody seems to love Ewa Sonnet… This could be discussed forever.  

But Roxi Red's amazing boobs kept me curious, and i looked closer. Now i noticed that it is mainly her fuzzy hairdo and the makeup, that killed my excitement initially. Now add her tramp stamps, and the impression could be complete. It only could! I don't know if she wanted that look or the stylist just went that way, but either way, i think the stylist should have toned it down, and deserves a big blame. Roxy Red does have a nice face and can look sweet (while she is naughty), just check my 4 screen shots at the bottom. She almost looks like a different girl there, doesn't she? I don't get it why they styled her in such a unfavorable, one-dimensional way, thus losing qualities this girl has as well to excite people. 

After all this talk: Roxi Red girl has boobs! I say BOOBS!! Score tells: 38K cups. But the number doesn't give the full image. Roxi Red's boobs are huge, sure. But that's only one thing. They come in the most wonderful shape. Both aspects combined look absolutely mind-blowing, sweet and unbelievable. I say indeed: Roxi Red competes for the title of the most stellar boobs i've ever seen.  The Magnificent Mountains Of Roxi Red came out 2 days ago, as an image set at Scoreland and a 16:43 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples:

My screen shots from the low res WMV sample clips and the Flash Trailer


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