Sep 7, 2012

Denise Davies Serves The Drinks HER Way ! [Upd. 12-09-11]

Following Denise Davies and her work can be a bit of a task, in particular when you're looking for impressions of her that foremost expose her visual qualities. She has been featured on tons of sites, but most of the time with rather random impressions. However, shot the right way, Denise can be unbelievable. Even fully dressed, she can look or smile at us in such a sexy way, it always knocks me out. Pure sexiness, coming with her face alone. Now add these insane 36K boobs … oh la la! ... tremendously shaped, long and big - Denise is a killer package!

Among these new released reprocessed sets (2250x3000 pixels) from TopHeavyAmateurs is Busty At The Bar. Denise is in charge of the place, sparsely dressed - and not for long - doing the job her way. With her massive boobs right in front of our eyes and her killer sexy face, this place gets very addictive. TopHeavyAmateurs have a lot more (solo) content with Denise Davies, plus dozens of other hot busty models, some of them exclusive to the site.

Denise btw is rather active nowadays at Twitter, FacebookTumblr and with her webcam.


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