Sep 20, 2012

Tessa: Hotter Than Ever In The Sun. And Relaxing After Work

Cosmid have 2 new updates with Tessa since i've posted her the last time. And at least one of them is in my view the best what she's done so far. Let's start with Business As Usual. This her latest image set, released a week ago. Tessa shows up in business attire, but at home. The clothes go off, and Tessa hangs out in front of the house, showing of her sexy body. This is a nice tan that she got in this summer, not too strong - a beautiful color. A very tasty view, together with those white big boobs. One sample from this big image set.

Sun Bathing is an over 12 min video released by Cosmid 3 weeks ago. Tessa is enjoying the sun, so this gorgeous body has to be creamed. She takes a lot of care for that, almost the entire video. Because this is some serious work, she doesn't smile that much like usually. That's why, and together with her lighter and more curly hair, she looks quite different. A bit more grown up, if you want so, and in an exciting way! She looks more like a real serious hottie, instead of mainly enticing us with her charm. While her big boobs seem to be even more impressive as well. The camera is mounted perfectly, the light and the colors awesome and Tessa knows how to work the camera. This is hot stuff.  


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