Oct 1, 2012

Dora - This New Girl At MyBoobs Has Style!

Dora is a new model just been introduced by the MyBoobs network. I don't have any other info about her. But without knowing anything else, we can instantly see that she is something special. Dora is a beauty. She has style. She looks kool and confident, but also like a cutie. This is a very peculiar style what Dora is showing us. In times when the outfits or the looks of most of the models usually are as predictable as the attire changes of a news anchor, Dora with her original look and style comes like a fresh breeze. And a bit of a surprise, after MyBoobs with their 11 big boob sites (one signup gives you access to them all) so far has been focusing on established favorites like Aneta Buena, Bea FloraInes Cudna or Kora Kryk. More samples


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