Sep 9, 2012

Milena Velba - Warms Up For The Opera

Ready For The Opera is the latest update at Milena Velba's site. We can see her checking if her outfit is perfect - it is! … and getting a little carried away while testing the effect of her looks. Now we know that Milena is a lady, who can behave well. There remains, however, the question: Is the opera ready for Milena? She looks like dynamite, even with her dress adjusted properly. But with the uncertainty that it could always fail containing her huge 36J boobs. While she shows such a natural confidence, like not being one bit ashamed if such a wardrobe failure happened. Fun at the opera! If the tenor notices Milena, he probably changes his performance to a Tarzan yell… The first part of Milena getting Ready For The Opera is out, the continuation of the set should arrive in a couple of days at Milena Velba's site.


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