Sep 4, 2012

Tessa (From Cosmid): Shows Us The Real Purpose Of Watering Cans

Checking the Cosmid site i noticed that they got some new updates with Tessa (since my last post). She hasn't been doing her steady weekly updates recently like till mid June, but 3 new posts in July and August each is not too shabby, right? A couple of days ago came an over 12 min video called Sun Bathing - from that one just this screen shot for now. Here's a few samples from the preview gallery to her update from the week before called Doing A Little Gardening. Tessa shows up in the garden, apparently to get some work done. She grabs the watering can … only now i notice that her shoes might not be ideal for this job. She gets her jeans dress off, and shows us a better use for watering cans. Super fun, and she is looking just too sexy. You find the whole set plus over 20 other updates with Tessa alone at Cosmid.


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