Sep 19, 2012

Roxi Red: Supernaturally Endowed And With Her 2nd Appearance, Tits & Tugs

After her storming entrance into the modeling scene, Roxi Red's follow-up is out. Contrary to my expectations, it's not all the way hardcore. Tits & Tugs arrived as a pictorial at Scoreland, and a video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland again. It is a handjob and TF scene. And again it is almost unbelievable how huge her boobs in every second look. 38K cups, baby, and in the most wonderful shape! I'm a bit surprised because Score usually introduce their new hardcore models with 2 quick consecutive updates: solo first, full hardcore the next day. But also because of the way they styled her, she just looks set for hardcore. No idea what to think now. Will there be another release soon? Not sure. Or does Roxi rather want to take things slowly? 

Roxi looks totally overwhelming in solo releases as well. Her face is much nicer than the rather drastic makeup may suggest. For seconds she can looks almost sweet. Also i love her cute ironic expression coming occasionally. I think she could kill us dramatically as well with all kinds of solo performances. I'd see it as it as serious waste of her qualities if we saw her only in a steady string of (similar looking) hardcore content from now on. If they only would make her look less "masked", by applying a less drastic makeup. Anyway, if you love titty fuck, you surely are excited about what you see here.  More samples:

Just one screen shot. TF looks better when checking the Flash trailer and WMV sample clips.


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