Sep 13, 2012

Miosotis: Diary/Photo Updates - Visiting Milano And Mannheim

Miosotis, the girl with the record breaking 36R cup boobs (yes, that's her confirmed size now!) has her official site running since early 2012 now, maintained by 2 friends and herself. Can't believe i have posted only this entry back then. On her site, she has classical photo sets and videos - yes, with full nudity, in very good quality (no hardcore, if you wonder), but for some reason it is her diary updates that attracted my interest for now. Those contain a lot of content - Miosotis in casual situations. But you surely don't see anything that jaw-dropping in your regular life. Miosotis in jeans and a tight top (it seems she loves this style) is an almost unbelievable view.

These are samples from 2 of the latest of such updates, taken during trips to Milano, Italy and Mannheim, Germany. Apparently she has a thing for places starting with the letter M :D Miosotis is an avid talker, as she adds lots of stories and comments to these dairy posts, which aren't mini sets. The Milano update f. ex. has 49 images. And at least this one comes with whopping 2000x3008 pixel images (there is an option for a smaller size). Just perfect for a girl with boobs as huge as hers, right? A girl with such a body of course causes reactions, sometimes too much of them, even for her. A group of Germans at the restaurant in Mannheim didn't stop with their loud talk and laughter, so Miosotis stood up and silenced them in a very special style. Italians in general are kooler in that respect, but on some images i could see people turning their heads with disbelief as well. No problem for us as we can pay Miosotis' site a visit and drool over her wonder boobs as long as we want.



  1. Love these pictures of her in public, especially the more candid ones where she is not looking right at the camera!


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