Sep 8, 2012

Leanne Crow & Jenna Valentine - Fun In The Bedroom

Leanne Crow's new epicenter of activity surely is her official site now, run by the people of PinupFiles/PinupGlam. I regret a bit its almost exclusive focus on her boobs while i find a presentation of a girl as a whole package more arousing. But i'll give it a closer watch in the future. In the meantime there is still stuff from her work with other companies coming out. Scoreland released in mid-August England's Gold Medals, a 45 images solo set. If the Summer Olympics included a decathlon for boob models, evaluating boob size plus other qualities like the girls' butts, legs, beauty, personality etc, Leanne indeed might have won gold.

A couple of days ago Scoreland released More Bounce To The Ounce, another image set. Leanne Crow teams up with lovely alt busty pinup Jenna Valentine. With her 36H cups Jenna doesn't look humble either, even compared to Leanne's 34J boobs. It's a nice pairing, seeing their contrasting skin colors as well as their different personal vibes, with Leanne Crow being all smiles, while Jenna Valentine shows up rather like the kool sweetheart here. Wonder if Leanne still smiled after Jenna hit her with the pillow from behind :D Two super sexy girls with different styles, and together they come like a fresh breeze of awesomeness.  


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