Sep 3, 2012

Amanda Torres - Videos With A Spectacular Girl At BigTitsGlamour

4 weeks ago i posted image set samples of Amanda Torres, and tons of people wanted to see that. Actually it has been my most popular blog entry since then. Unless you want to check her on webcam, BigTitsGlamour is the only place (so far) where you can see her modeling work. At the end of July they released 2 video clips as well, and i finally managed now to get a few screen shots. This vids are not very long - a few minutes each, but they are worth every second. Seeing her in motion, Amanda just blows us away. She obviously is a bigger girl, but on video we're getting a much better idea of her dimensions: she looks very soft, and tremendously well shaped and curvy at the same. While her boobs are downright incredible torpedoes. 

On the first clip we see her playing with her boobs, so we're getting mainly close views of these treasures - i'm fine with that in this case. The second clip features Amanda working a dildo between those huge orbits… till she throws it away, to pleasure herself with her own hands. Nice move in my view, as this adds to the very sensual impression she is making. As well she shows a totally natural looking confidence. Which only adds to the tremendous excitement. BigTitsGlamour has an absolutely spectacular girl with Amanda Torres.  



  1. I seem to remember running across a picset of a pregnant woman that looked strikingly like her. Its been a couple years though, might be buried somewhere on imagefap


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