Sep 5, 2012

Ewa Sonnet - Goddess Of The Wet Shirts have updated with 2 more (shorter) Ewa Sonnet clips, and these continue to deliver the standard of epicness. People are fast with awarding the goddess title, and Ewa of course has often been called a goddess. If you follow my blog, you know that i'm quite reluctant with such titles. But after these 2 clips there's no holding back of calling Ewa Sonnet the goddess of the wet shirts. At least.

They had the idea here of asking Ewa to walk and run several times into the sea. Or rather, in technical terms, to shoot several takes of the same thing. Just one longer take would have had her a longer time in the water - a view that wouldn't show us much of her treasures. So this is a kool idea because now we see Ewa walking and coming out of the sea multiple times - in breathtaking views. have split these various takes into these 2 clips of the exact same file size, biancowet and biancobonus, a detail that confused me a bit first. But no, they definitely show different footage - of Ewa Sonnet looking so beautiful and sexy, she is stellar!


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