Sep 17, 2012

Ewa Sonnet: In My Hut. You know What's Up!

Okay, it was the Jungle Brothers who told that many years ago… Say whaaat? Ewa Sonnet all night long! Ewa Sonnet's Hut is her latest video update, out at since last Friday. Not her latest update actually, after another pictorial was released today, but that might become the subject of another entry. 

These huts, probably built in the same style since thousands of years, have a big advantage: they save you the extra time to shop around, for having a stripper pole shipped. It's already built in! And Ewa uses it. She is in her hut alone, the (stationary) camera recorded just anything that happened. There are no cuts. And there is no extra music. Ewa moves to the sound of the waves! This creates a totally private atmosphere, but what an enticing one. And Ewa Sonnet looks so overwhelming and hot again, oh boy! We're getting the whole range of views - Ewa close, showing us her beautiful face, Ewa from the distance, giving us impressions of her whole body, Ewa close again, showing us her big 36F boobs in maximum detail, or exciting fragments. This is indeed a video you could play as a loop, continuously. Ewa Sonnet all night long! Subscribers of get the whole over 9 min True HD video, plus tons of more content with Ewa Sonnet and other busty beauties, all downloadable. More of my screen shots:   


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