Mar 7, 2012

Joanna Bliss Shares A Fruit Cocktail

I know. My titles… sometimes :D But it's true, a lot could be done with those fruits that Joanna Bliss has on the table (on the 2nd image). Joanna's Juice Ala Jugs (now that's a strange title, no?) is her 28th update for DDFBusty (image set and video - there's always both - counting as one). Joanna appears as the alluring spring goddess, and instantly the thrill, personalized in her unmistakable way, is on. Joanna shines, a girl who doesn't have to do much, or wouldn't need spectacular outfits. There's something about her face, her delicious sexy body with these 36H boobs, and, similarly striking, her overall appeal. Joanna catches us as an enticing harmony, composed of her stunning sexiness and allure, spiced with a distinctive genuineness as well. Yes, i think harmony is the word for Joanna, and this harmony hits as instant hotness. In the continuation she removes the fruits and poses herself on the table, as the super fruit :D What a sweet shot! As usual, samples from the preview gallery first. Screen shots from the WMV sample clips (none from the Flash trailer this time) follow below.



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