Oct 16, 2010

Zara Devereaux - Juicy Piano Player Who Makes You Sweat

I'm not sure if Zara Devereaux will indeed play the piano in the continuation of her new set. But even without that she has galore of notes to play for making us excited. Zara is built like a monument of pure sexiness. She has an ass that is - yes, insane and in the best sense of the word …thick (hey, i haven't used this word at least for 5 years!), with a wonderful upswing. Tremendous chords! Her legs compliment this sweet and juicy impression, adding stellar harmonies. Her 42DDD boobies are perfect to catch you with unforgettable melodies. And her vocals - i mean her face improvises with a whole range of characters: very personal and real. Zara's multiple instruments have the power to heat up your senses. 

My usually trustworthy observers are telling me that talented Zara (like many other Southern Charms girls) is in her members section focusing a bit too much on pussy and BJ closeups. Less of that, and more exposure of her sexy treats (showing Zara in more than just fragments) probably would be better. But she has big sets (60 - <100 images), so there's still A LOT of full grandezza to be seen... I've just added this info from my sources, although it's unconfirmed from myself. But that's something you can't conclude from her previews. Either way though, Zara's lasting sexiness from head to toe has made a serious impression on me.  

Update 2010-11-02: Zara Devereaux asked me now to remove the 2 screen captures. Okay, then so be it!

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