Oct 23, 2010

Curvy Claire: Club Outfit for Maximum Impact

Curvy Claire of course is well known for her hardcore work. When did she start btw? 2002 ? 2003 ? She's certainly one of the longest active plump/big boob models. Obviously it pays off to work independent of the mainstream industry. Claire may have started (and still is) a hardcore model, but her regular solo updates have become legendary as well. A solo set with Claire means full focus on her massive n tight butt, her gorgeous pot belly and these world famous 36HH boobies - with many full body shots. In her solo sets, Claire takes the stage for photos with a class of their own, giving us the full impact of her tremendous curves, instead of just a little posing and then getting the dildo out - i'm not saying though that she would keep it in her bag ;) 

In her latest update Curvy Claire tests her new 'club outfit' - a transparent top, no bra and super tight skirt. Nice extra quality with that pre-sunset natural light btw. Claire's epic curves unobstructed, for maximum visual impact! You can't argue with those views, no?  

Screenshots from her site:


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