Oct 27, 2010

Jenny Starr is … WHOA!!

Jenny Starr aka BBW Jenny has made a few posts (= mini sets) to her profile on NewbieNudes since the last time i checked. My favorite is this shot from the "Jenny in Gangsta Gal" series:
Irresistible! What do you like most? These boobies? Her tender thickness? Her cuteness? I certainly have never seen a smile that looks sweeter, warmer and more genuine than Jenny's.

But Jenny isn't only about boobs, smiles and funky outfits - although, after seeing that look i can't help again from smiling back. Looking at the bigger facts now, that's a serious butt! 

Nonetheless, don't get a wrong idea because of Jenny's ideal girlfriend impression. She has a serious kinky side, documented by many sets before but thankfully (for my tastes) never making her lose her consistent 'Jenny' look. "Gender Blender 2: The Dominatrix" shows her as the girl in command for a change (as i understand her, Jenny normally is rather on the sub side). I wouldn't let her touch me with that strap-on, but this look is just too sexy.

Technical info: You must have a free NewbieNudes account to see the downsized 560x420 images. For full-size images and videos you need a premium account.  


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