Oct 26, 2010

News from Flexible Shione Cooper

I had been preparing even for the saddest case: that precious Shione Cooper has retired, after being in business only for one year. Got that idea after her latest content had been shot back in June (without counting releases of older content). Lipstick111 now posted these 2 previews, and on one of them the EXIF data tells late September 2010 ! For my taste these previews are a tad too much on the artistic side (haven't seen the rest though). But Shione shows her amazing flexibility. And her look is confident, sweet and determined. It seems the saga continues.



  1. Pan - you had me worried for a while about Shione!! I'll be dropping you a line about Berlin - I've got the details now. Can't wait :-) xx

  2. @ Kinky Webmistress

    Berlin will be interesting! Can't wait.

    If you had asked me last week, i would have said: with a likeliness of 80:20 Shione is out of business. I have never spoken to her personally, but for me it seemed that she's a girl who has too much else on her mind. And that she's not the girl who would just shake off the impact of this crazy/tough schedule of HC scenes that she did. I mean you could clearly see her looking less and less radiant and shining. I hope she'll follow better advice in the future.


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