Oct 18, 2010

Vanessa Del making a HUGE Impact as a Bomb of Fun

Well, apparently the impact is not so big due to her skills in terms of playing table football/soccer in the strict sense… unless you understand the massive distraction of the playing partner as part of the game. Who, very soon, is all game… Great intro idea for Vanessa Del's brand new update on ScoreHD and XLGirls. The views provided of her grown curviness are stupendous. So, regarding the royal boobie queen trinity from the Dominican Republic, Score has released fresh updates with Vanessa Del and Miosotis - who btw is currently in Europe and just has been featured with fresh content on XX-Cel. Makes me wonder about Kristina Milan… No speculation however is Vanessa Del's expanded impact. No only does she look more fun now, more real, after the comical over-acting which was typical for her IncrediblePass network releases (although typical not only for Vanessa). Her noticeable bigger boobies now, together with her curvier shape, show her as a juicy bomb of fun.

Samples from the TGP:

Screenshots from the low res promo clips for ScoreHD & XLGirls


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