Oct 24, 2010

Leanne Crow & Kelley Scarlett - Washing Car and Boobies

Leanne Crow and Kelley Scarlett wash the (for the occasion hired) Rolls Royce. Will they just do regular car maintenance? Of course not. Every car wash scene so far ended up with wet clothes and soapy boobies. And i don't think i ever saw a dull one. Leanne Crow and Kelley Scarlett make no exception with this update on DDFBusty. Expect galore of alluring fun, seeing gorgeous views you wouldn't see otherwise, and the girls watering each other and playing with their boobies. Leanne Crow is a quickly rising star - no surprise with her 32J boobies and her soft curviness. And she comes across as a super darling. I see her going far. As usual DDFBusty released the photo set with a matching videos in various (high quality) formats.

From the preview gallery (here's another one)

Screen shots from the low res promo clip:


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