Oct 20, 2010

Madison Aikers - More Views of Moving + Running Jiggly (Links upd. 11-01-25)

Madison Aikers recently issued 2 videos plus matching pictorials showing her in tight jeans. But not only this, she runs , walks or climbs stairs, that way giving extra gorgeous views of her jiggling big boobs and her sexy, illegally huge belly. Madison in general comes acoss as a girl who is very sensitive, thus she gets stimulated and aroused very easily and naturally. That's exciting to watch. Combine that with her frequent little abrupt little movements (even when she's just eating) which make her enormous curves jiggle in all kinds of ways. Her sensitivity and her frequent wiggling add an exceptional erotic character to most of her videos, even when Madison just does eating sets - something i'm usually not that interested in. When she actively moves however, it's royal jiggling.

"Follow Her Fat", the video, shows her in tight black jeans and a tight white top, using some stairs as her stage. Do i need to say more? Well, just this: Madison doesn't just randomly walks and down. She knows how to stage-manage her ultimate effect. There's also a short sequence cut in with Madison walking outside. Although a bit dark, it was well worth including that - a tremendous view of walking super jiggly.

Three extra screen shots i created:

Madison's comp:

Madison's comp of the matching photo set: 

"Run Fatty Run", as you've expected shows her running fast - through a park. She's surprisingly fast. And this outfit looks priceless. In particularly this t-shirt seems to have written "Madison" over it. I asked her if she could do another update with it. Madison says she has let it to a friends now, but hopefully she'll get it back soon. 

Two screen shots i've created from the clip:

The official comp for "Run Fatty Run":

The comp to the matching pictorial - one of her best sets so far in my books:


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