Oct 29, 2010

Amber Hall - Naturally on Fire

Amber Hall (or Amber Lee on Score sites, Busty Amber on a few other sites) is girl who could read me lullabies - when i'm lacking 1000 hours of sleep, and she would make me change my plan. I could write chapters about her sexy assets. Then there's also her peculiar playfulness, totally unique, something she seems to wear like regular folks their clothes, something that makes her irresistible even when she's fully dressed. I wished producers would put more focus on Amber's personal radiancy. Without keeping her (half) dressed of course. As long as producers aren't giving room for these extra qualities, we have to live with and enjoy Amber's regular solo or hardcore scenes. 

Boobcamp2000 just released their 13th scene in high bitrate & HD  (incl. the matching photo set) with Amber. She looks noticeably bigger than usual (she is radiant at any size of course), has her personal trainer around and -  we all know how this story will unfold… well, to anal as well… It seems producers are increasingly considering anal as a default requirement for todays porn. I certainly disagree with that as i'm somebody who mainly gets excited when the action is smooth and convincing, while anal usually doesn't look very photogenic, but rather awkward and enforced by its nature. These reservations aside, Amber looks totally irresistible and sooo naturally sweet again. While being naturally on fire, at the same time… Isn't she too hot even in these fully dressed shots?

Screenshots from the low res promo clip:


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