Oct 3, 2010

Violet Crush + Kore Goddess - The Stunning Black N Red Duo

The fiery redhead Kore Goddess and the raven-haired latin beauty Violet Crush are a view to be seen. They've always made a tremendous pairing. But this time they've even increased the effect, in particular by taking (tricky) advantage of these red and black outfits. First we see them both in combined red and black outfits. After taking their tops off, Kore is wearing a few read items, and Violet the respective black ones - including matching sunglasses. Great sense for details !! They have a smoking conference then (not my fetish, i don't mind either). Till they get out of the remaining garments. From where things are getting a little heated. Violet Crush has wonderful big boobs - Kore Goddess has an edge over her in that respect with her absolutely unique long and huge torpedoes, but Violet then again has this stellar big and round booty. I can't decide whom of them i like more. Both together are an epitome of plump juiciness.

The photo set was released on Violet Crush's and on Kore Goddess's site. The corresponding video "XXX Girls Home Alone" can be bought from both girls' video store. Image samples from Violet Crush's site (as usual with SC, only screencaps):

A screencap from the LOW RES preview clip: 

Violet Crush links:

Kore Goddess links:

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