Oct 12, 2010

Nadine Jansen: The Queen on Commando Patrol

Nadine Jansen is exactly 10 years in business now according to BoobPedia. You will hardly find a plump/big boobs models poll where she hasn't reached one of the top ranks, if not won it. And still, she continues to be fresh. And intriguing as if she just started. This might sound like an obvious statement, seeing those boobies she has. But Nadine is beyond being just a model with scrumptious curves. She is a queen. Nadine's photographer Daktari Lorenz certainly has a major share in that. But it always takes 2 to tango.

Nadine's everyday look might rather be the one of a cute n sexy sweetie. Although she tends to have some little quirks in there as well. Quirks that enforce her natural girl appeal. Things then tend to get mind-blowing when she does a 'darker' (although it's never REALLY dark) or tough girl theme. Like her new update called "Commando". it's not from this world how tremendous this action girl outfit works for her. In particular on this first image. The dark grey color makes a wonderful choice, the pose is ideal, giving her boobs the ultimate dynamic swing, but also for a mesmerizing showcase of her belly, her tight ass and those sexy legs. The real killer finally that takes this shot into another dimension is her expression! I'm not even trying to find words for that. It's unbelievable.

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  1. Yes, in fact if you want to get precise just a little over ten years! Nadine is a legend! This is a great set, maybe a little too chubby but as we all know now she has lost a fair bit of weight.


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