Oct 25, 2010

Kaci - These Stripes don't hide her Pregnant Belly

It took me a while apparently to discover this gorgeous young Southern Charms girl. Kaci can look very different. Also she posted quite a variety of older shoots with very different hair styles, outfits and looks (including sets from a previous pregnancy), thus it takes a bit to get a consistent impression of her. But after these different impressions consolidated into one image, my hat flew off! What a cute and sexy hottie!! Lord have mercy! 

Kaci's sets are clearly 'amateur', as expected on Southern Charms, but that has its benefits here. Kaci knows to show off her gorgeous curves, and she does that in a most natural way, there's no hesitation in her posing. And she has a lot to get excited. First to mention her 42 DDD boobies. These boobies are G--O-R-G-E-O-U-S !!! Hottness! Also this girl got legs! And a tremendously exciting curvy shape all over, quite noticeably expanded several pictorials back. Another huge turn-on is her subtle and confident smile, in various nuances between cute and playful and naughty. Kaci is an instant new Radiant Bomba favorite.

Her pregnancy (she announced it on her *news* page) certainly will turn things in a different direction. Like a (temporary) change of her fan base. But if she manages to consolidate her overall appeal, in the sense of giving consistently exciting impressions of her overflowing sexiness, instead of predominantly (over-)stressing how dirty she can be, Kaci should be super popular.

Screenshots from Kaci's latest update: 

To give you an idea of these boobies: 


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