Oct 25, 2010

Haydee Rodriguez - You thought she couldn't get hotter?

The more i see of Haydee Rodriguez the hotter she looks for me. Sure, she always had my attention. No surprise as she got some of the most spectacular boobies in the whole industry - certainly bigger than 40G, the figure that Boobpedia is telling. In particular after Haydee's serious weight gain about a year ago, expanding her into a BBW. She also got that huge pot belly which, together with that sexy round ass, gives her a most exceptional shape. What a tremendous body! Only having a slow dance with her would be an experience… And no, Haydee is not pregnant. Not for a span of 3 years! 

People kept mentioning as well that Haydee looks a bit evasive. Like being into herself, and not showing something a smile to win the masses over. Certainly true. And sometimes a bit irritating for me as well. But with the time that effect changed: Haydee is Haydee, there's nothing staged about her, she comes across as her a very genuine and real character. What makes her even hotter. Interesting, huh? Either way, there's a new scene + matching photo set with Haydee on PlumperPass, with the Texan hottie showing off her glorious dimensions and a little interracial hardcore action.



  1. Hey PH,

    Just wanted to say thanks for such a positive and awesome post on Haydee. She is every bit as sweet and wonderful in person as she is sexy on cam!

    Have a good one, bud...


  2. Nice to hear that, DC, and thanks back to you! Y'know, sometimes i wonder for a sec or two if i get boring when i keep mentioning those rather general impressions beyond the usual trinity (boobs, belly, butt). However, i'm getting these ideas of a model ANYWAY when she pops up on my screen ;) So thanks again for appreciating that!


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