Oct 8, 2010

Simone Stephens - Soft Authority In The Detention Room

Simone Stephens attracted a lot of attention in the last year. Even from audiences who usually rather watch solo girl or amateur content. Simone of course made an impression first with her hardcore scenes - you can count her solo content with the fingers of one hand. Simone has huge boobies - 34J, cute looking… What? Can boobs look cute? Well, i rate them as cute fellows to play with. She has gained a pound or two, what contributed to her noticeably softer look compared to her early days. Simone is a real bomb. Because of those assets, but even more because of that peculiar look that she has. It's the look of a soft authority, a smiling and understanding authority who loves to play, but who notices when you want to fool her. So better treat her well - then you have fun with her. I would think that this peculiar look got her lots of extra fans.

This new PlumperPass update "Bad BBW Club" shows her - what i first thought - in a rather funky outfit. But i quickly learned it's a school uniform (we don't have that where i live). So even soft authorities end up in a detention room. But Simone won't cry tears and shows us a juicy little performance.

Screenshots from the low res preview clip:


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