Oct 30, 2010

Miosotis - Smiling Boobies on Video

For a while Miosotis now is in Europe and working on projects. Perfect opportunity for Cel (for whom i have a lot of respect, in particular his photography) to invite her to France. And bring her to his XX-Cel site, widely regarded as a quality place for showing a host of popular models in a very natural and unpretentious but at the same time gorgeous style. I wasn't entirely convinced then about the 1st batch of released photos - too much focus on Miosotis' boobs making them look even bigger than they already are, adding an unreal, not particularly sexy looking quality. 

The first video however, just released, over 16 mins long, thankfully shows a more 'real' Miosotis. Her casual outfit - tight jeans, very tight jumper - looks murderous. But then, what is casual about Miosotis, n'est-ce pas? And she is S-M-I-L-I-N-G !! I never saw her smile in such a sweet and genuine way. What adds a whole new dimension to Miosotis' appeal, making her boobies shine in an extra flirting light. Apparently her time in Europe, although it must be quite cold there for her standards, has done good things to Miosotis.


Sample from Mio's 1st XX-Cel photo set:

Miosotis like a kid in a French candy store:


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