Oct 22, 2012

Roxi Red: 3rd Set - These Boobs Are Explosives For Our Mind And Vision

Her debut about a month ago hit the scene like a bomb. The bomb is called Roxi Red, and when looking back at 2012, many will mention her as the most spectacular discovery. Now her 3rd image set is out, besides 2 videos (her debut and the Tits & Tugs scene). Size Matters is the title for these 62 images released today at Scoreland. You only need to check the image on top to see what an explosive combination of size and beauty (for our mind and vision) her 38K boobs are. After the reactions to her previous releases, people seem to love Roxi. Quite likely because Roxi Red isn't only 'just these mega boobs', although it was them of course that got her all this attention initially. But there is also this little shyness, her minor imperfections and that sense of humor in her look, what makes her come across as a very real girl. And what makes it easy to relate to her. I think this 3rd set does her quality of being a naturally adorable girl most justice, of a girl you can interact with without a safety net. While glancing at her mega gallons... Size Matters is Roxi Red's best set so far, if you ask me. More samples:  


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