Oct 4, 2012

Maggie Green: Her 1st And 2nd Hardcore Appearance For Score - 2 Scenes + Interview

Sex is the most natural thing in the world. That's a thought i would subscribe to. But why is there so much porn then? Okay, okay. Porn is not only watched by people who don't have sex. Some are looking for extra kicks that they don't have - a different kind of action, or (exceptional) girls. Others are watching to get "excited", or just for the entertainment. All that could still be seen as … natural. But why are people almost getting "religious" when a model appears with her 1st hardcore release? As if she has crossed the border of all borders, and is completely changed than? I don't get that. Unfortunately many models are or feel then arrested across that line, thus losing a lot of what made them great before. While the extra attention coming with the move to the other side faints quickly… The novelty effect is merciless for many models.

These thoughts relate to Maggie Green only partially. She has done hardcore before, but only on her personal site. And never with hired studs. Score surely is a different stage too. Either way, she doesn't look much different or converted to other side of the border now. Maggie Green has been dubbed before as the 'good girl'. She doesn't look plain naughty now and still has this majestic touch. I think that makes her "mainstream" hardcore debut very convincing. Well, apart from the (for my taste) overdone raunchy talk (okay, that comes with the deal, apparently). Overall, Maggie makes her 2 sexcapades look as if it was the most natural thing. Surprising, isn't it? While she is such a beauty, and with these 36F boobs, Maggie Green is a pure delight to see. To celebrate the event, Score has issued 3 releases. The Pre-Game Show Interview runs over 15 mins and is out at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. First Hard Score is released as an 88 images set at Scoreland and an over 24 mins video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Maggie looks particularly hot in this blue dress. Finally there is Cum For Maggie Green, the 2nd HC scene, again over 24 mins and out at Score2Go and ScoreHD. They have a Flash trailer and WMV sample clips to First Hard Score and Flash and WMV previews to Cum For Maggie Green. More samples from First Hard Score.

Screen shots from the preview clips


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