Oct 19, 2012

Christy Marks: Big-Breasted Roman Goddess - An Eternal Goddess!

This is indeed my first Christy Marks post here. Well, it's somehow the nature of the game to blog mainly news. But Christy Marks who surely has been one of the most exceptional and hottest big boob model we have seen in the last decade (at least) - i think many will agree with me here - decided around late 2009 or early 2010 that modeling has no future for her. While this blog started mid 2010. Meanwhile Score is still running the official Christy Marks site. Safe guess that they're rotating the content. I know some will say: "Foul! They could leave her site as it is, with all of Christy's content. They're making extra money that way". Sure they do. Let's just say here that i can live with that. They're not charging an arm and a leg with $29 for a one month subscription. While they've done an amazing job throughout all the shoots with Christy Marks, f. ex. with the locations, her outfits and the themes. Thus they look very different and all are very appealing. While they're documenting through 20 (!) pages all the recent updates. You just have to go to the main page, scroll down, click "What's new" and then  "See more videos" (or photos), to make sure to only join when you see updates that you want. 

Finally, if they didn't keep the site going like they do, i wouldn't have discovered Big-Gunned Goddess, an image set that emerged last week: Christy Marks as a Roman Goddess, with curly hair for a change, indulging the pleasures of that time: Having some grapes, bathing her big breasts and playing a little. Very classical, right? And Christy looks so scrumptious! She is so classically hot in every aspect, with her stupendous body, her still incredible 36H boobs and her unique appeal, she surely would have been a goddess at any time. More samples:


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