Oct 18, 2012

Tessa Rich Outdoors - Naturally Hot Like The Air That She Is Breathing

It's nearly a month ago since i've blogged the last time about Tessa, in particular her very exciting Sun Bathing video. In the meantime Cosmid have released 4 more Tessa updates. They have all been shot at natural daylight, 3 of them outdoors. Now everybody loves outdoors sets, i suppose, without ignoring of course the different options you have when shooting indoors or in a studio. Her fans of course are always lusting for new updates because they can't get enough of her big 34F boobs. While the other big thing about Tessa, who turned 20 this year, is the abundance of her friendly and relaxed charm. That is something she seems to have so naturally like the air she is breathing, and not to lose for even one nanosecond in her releases, even when she is listening to directions. Now, in these outdoors videos, she feels apparently even less hold back by anything and more inspired, so that she looks a tad more … - i wouldn't really say matured, but opened up - to being ... just overwhelming sexy! The Sexy Out Back video where these screen shots are from was released by Cosmid a bit more than a week ago. Almost 10 minutes packed with Tessa's beauty and naturally alluring sexiness.

Samples from Work It Out and Chicks Love Jeeps, Tessa's latest image sets


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