Oct 11, 2012

Jaime (Melissa Manning): Has A Nice Sweater Dress And A Lot More To Show

Last week i blogged about Melissa/Jaime with her new blonde hair and her corrected bra size - she is 36H !! Late September came Jaime's Sweater Dress, her most recent release from Cosmid (who call her Jaime) so far. This video wasn't on top of my list initially, mainly because, only judging from the stills, it might look a bit random. However, when seeing Jaime/Melissa Manning in motion, her spell captivates us instantly. 
So here we see the pre-blonde Jaime. Visiting friends in New York, she wanted to give us this little update - showing off her dress, and some of her other qualities. So we're getting great impressions of her famous big boobies, tastes of her sweet butt, and the ongoing spell of her gorgeous sexiness. Jaime is a sweet, down-to earth girl, a charming talker, yet she is also mega-powered! Her movements, her whole performance come always so smooth and to the point at the same time, without one second of losing steam, it's truly amazing. She could do daily updates, and still we'd like to see more. Jaime's Sweater Dress is available (including a downloadable HD version) for members of the great Cosmid site.


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